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Tips to Choose Inconel Pipe Fittings

Tips to choose Inconel pipe fittings

Inconel alloy 601 Pipe Fittings are very useful nickel alloys for the production of pipes and tubes. These pipes are used in rolling hearth furnaces where they are exposed to explosions of very high temperatures, and also to corrosive enamels applied to the tiles. It is also used for oxygen injection tubes in metal and glass manufacturing, also for condenser tubes in acidic water conditions. Its key specifications help it to cope with these demanding conditions. It consists of nickel, a high amount of chromium, and significant addition of aluminum, which enables it to resist the effects of a high-temperature oxidizing environment. It is not, however, perfect for sulphuric conditions.

The combination of nickel (61.5 %), chromium (22.5 %), and aluminum (1.4 %) content of Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings make it a superalloy that offers excellent resistance to corrosion. Inconel alloy 601 can face up to spalling even below extreme thermal biking conditions. Due to the alloy’s excessive nickel content, it’s miles extraordinarily proof against chloride corrosion in a number of the harshest environments.

With awesome mechanical electricity, the electricity degree of Inconel 601 alloy varies relying on the situation and form of the material. Commonly, the annealed condition is used for tensile-limited applications (temperatures below 1000°F(540°C), and the solution-treated condition is used for rupture-limited applications (temperatures of and above 1000°F (540°C).

The superior creep rupture strength of Inconel 601 alloy allows it to be used in industries that operate at high temperatures for a long time. It is not embrittled by constant exposure to high temperatures. It also has very high fatigue strength. But the annealed material has higher fatigue strength than solution-treated material.

Properties of  Inconel 601 Pipe Fittings

  • Nickel Inconel 601 has good mechanical strength, but its mechanical property changes depending on the form of the material.
  • According to the manufacturer, the optimal temperature for this alloy is 1004°F (540°C) and above for solution-treated conditions, and 1004°F (540°C) and below for annealed conditions.
  • Being used primarily in high-temperature applications, the Inconel Alloy 601 can retain its high tensile properties at higher temperatures, and it is not embrittled by extended exposure.