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Transform your windows with elegance and functionality by choosing from a wide range of curtain rods available at Jayesh Metal Corporation. As a renowned manufacturer and supplier, they offer an extensive selection to suit various preferences and budgets, including Curtain Rods Price.

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When it comes to curtain rods, price is a crucial consideration. Jayesh Metal Corporation understands this well and ensures their range caters to different budget requirements. Whether you're looking for basic options starting from as low as ₹100 or more decorative and elaborate designs priced at ₹1,500 and beyond, they have options to fit your needs. The final price depends on factors such as material, size, and intricacy of the design..

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods Price list

Material Description Price Range (₹) Influencing Factors
Basic Stainless Steel (SS304) Standard grade, hollow construction, polished finish, standard diameter 500 - 1,000 Length, finish (brushed/matte)
Mid-Range Stainless Steel (SS304 or SS316) May use SS304 or SS316, hollow or solid, various finishes 1,000 - 2,000 Diameter, length, finish (brushed/matte)
High-End Stainless Steel (SS316) Premium grade, solid construction, various finishes, decorative features 2,000+ Diameter (thickest options), length, unique finishes, additional features

What is the price of stainless steel curtain rods in India?

The price of stainless steel curtain rods in India can vary depending on a few factors, but here's a breakdown to help you estimate:

  • Length: Expect shorter rods (around 3 feet) to start around ₹250 and climb to ₹1500 or more for long ones (over 6 feet).
  • Diameter: Thicker rods (better for heavier curtains) cost more. A standard diameter is 25 mm, but you can find options as thin as 16 mm (more affordable) and as thick as 35 mm (more expensive).
  • Finish: Plain stainless steel is the most budget-friendly (₹250-₹650). Chrome, matte, or other finishes might add a slight cost increase.
  • Brand and quality: Reputable brands and higher-quality steel will generally cost more.
  • Sold einzeln (single) or im Satz (as a set): Buying rods in sets with brackets and finials (decorative ends) can sometimes be more economical.

Here's a summarized price range to give you an idea:

  • Basic rods (3-6 feet, 25 mm diameter): ₹250 - ₹650
  • Heavy-duty rods or longer lengths: ₹650 - ₹1500+
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