Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Forged Fittings

ASTM B564 / ASME B16.11 / UNS N08800 / N08810 / N08811 WNR. 1.4876 / 1.4958 / 1.4859

Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT  Forged Fittings

Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Forged Fittings are manufactured from high quality standard raw materials and cater design as per national and international standards. These forged fittings are used in various applications such as heat exchangers and other piping systems that require high strength, especially where that requires resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking etc. There are many suppliers available in the market but Jayesh Metal is the good for you as they offer pipe fitting material at an affordable rate. They offer the product in distinguish sizes, shapes, and dimensions or as per the requirement of the clients.

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The Incoloy alloy is easily hardened by both the hot working and cold working process as similar to austenitic stainless steel. This fitting of Incoloy alloy is available in Incoloy 800-UNS NO8800, Incoloy 800H/ HT- UNS NO8810/ NO8811 grades. It comes in standard specification such as ASTM B 564/ ASME SB 564/ ANSI B16.11 and BS3799 etc. It has a class like 2000LBS, 3000LBS, 6000LBS, and 9000LBS etc. It is available in types such as socket weld(s/w) and screwed (SCRD) - in NPT, BSPT, and BSP threaded configuration. This grade of Incoloy 800 / 800H 800HT Socket weld fitting comes in standard size ½” NB to 4” NB.

Incoloy 800 Reducing Tee, Incoloy Alloy 800H MSS SP-79 Inserts, Incoloy® 800HT MSS SP-83 Unions, WNR 1.4958 / 1.4859 Incoloy Plug, Incoloy® Alloy 800 Boss, ASME SB564 Incoloy 800H Forged Cross, Alloy 800HT Pipe Nipple, Nickel Alloy 800 / 800H / 800HT High Pressure Forged Fittings, Incoloy 800 Equal Tee Exporter, Incoloy Alloy 800H Coupling, Incoloy 800HT 90 deg Elbow, Incoloy 800 Cap, Incoloy® 800HT Screwed Hex head Bushing.

This material is strictly subjected to various test such as hardness test a, flattening test, PMI test, and it is also approved by the third party inspection team. This will be packed in proper packaging like covered in wooden case or pallet to ensure the safety of the product. So before you buy this material make sure it is lace with standard test reports.

Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Forged Fittings Specification

Specifications : ASTM B564 & ASME SB564

Standard : ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799

Size : 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socketweld & Screwed-Threaded)

Class : 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Type : Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings

Equivalent Grades, Chemical Composition and Mechanical properties

Incoloy Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Forged Fittings Equivalent Grades

Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 NCF 800 NA 15 ЭИ670 Z8NC32-21 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800H 1.4958 / 1.4876 N08810 NCF 800H NA 15(H) ЭИ670 Z8NC33-21 X5NiCrAlTi31-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800HT 1.4859 / 1.4876 N08811 NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) ЭИ670 - X8NiCrAlTi32-21 XH32T

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr Al Ti
800 0.10 max 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60 0.15 – 0.60
800H 0.05 – 0.10 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60 0.15 – 0.60
800HT 0.06 – 0.10 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60ᴬ 0.15 – 0.60ᴬ

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
800 / 800H / 800HT 7.94 g/cm3 1385 °C (2525 °F) Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 520 Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205 30 %

Available Types of Forged Fittings

Incoloy 800 Forged Elbow

Incoloy 800 Elbow
Forged Incoloy Alloy 800H Elbows
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket weld Elbow
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Screwed - Threaded Elbow
Incoloy UNS N08810 Elbow
Alloy N08811 90° or 45 deg Elbow
DIN 1.4876 Forged Incoloy Elbow
Incoloy WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Elbow
800 Incoloy® Alloy Reducing Elbow

Incoloy 800 Forged Tee

Forged Incoloy 800 Tee
Incoloy Alloy 800H Tee
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket weld Tee
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Threaded Tee
Incoloy UNS N08810 Screwed Tee
Alloy N08811 Tee
DIN 1.4876 Forged Incoloy Tee
Nickel Alloy 1.4958 / 1.4859 Tee
800 Incoloy® Alloy Reducing / Unequal Tee

Incoloy Forged 800 Coupling

Incoloy 800 Coupling
Incoloy Alloy 800H Couplings
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket weld Coupling
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Screwed - Threaded Coupling
Alloy N08810 Coupling
UNS N08811 Forged Couplings
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Coupling
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Half Coupling
800 Incoloy® Alloy Full Coupling

Incoloy 800 Cross

Incoloy 800 Cross
Incoloy Alloy 800H Cross
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket weld Cross
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Threaded Cross
Incoloy UNS N08810 Cross
Alloy N08811 Equal Cross
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Crosses
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Screwed Cross
800 Incoloy® Alloy Unequal / Reducing Cross

Incoloy 800 Union

Incoloy 800 Union
Incoloy Alloy 800H Union
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Threaded Union
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Socket Weld Union
Incoloy UNS N08810 Forged Unions
Alloy N08811 Union
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Union
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Screwed Union
800 Incoloy® Alloy MSS SP-83 Unions

Incoloy 800 Plug

Incoloy 800 Plug
Incoloy Alloy 800H Forged Plug
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Threaded Plug
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Hex Head Plug
Alloy N08810 Square Head Plug
UNS N08811 Round Head Plug
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Forged Threaded Plug
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Bull Plug
800 Incoloy® Alloy Screwed Plug

Incoloy 800 Forged Caps

Incoloy 800 Caps
Incoloy Alloy 800H Caps
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket Weld Cap
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Threaded Cap
UNS N08810 Pipe Cap
Alloy N08811 End Cap
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Pipe End cap
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Forged Caps
800 Incoloy® Alloy Screwed Cap

Incoloy 800 Forged Bushing

Incoloy 800 Bushing
Incoloy Alloy 800H Bushing
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Threaded Bushing
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08810 Hex Head Bushing
Alloy N08810 Bushing
UNS N08811 Forged Bushing
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Bushing
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Hex Bushing
800 Incoloy® Alloy Screwed Bushing

Incoloy 800 Reducer Insert

Incoloy 800 Reducer Insert
Incoloy Alloy 800H Reducer Insert
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Socket Weld Reducer Inserts
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Reducer Insert
UNS N08810 Reducer Insert
Alloy N08811 Insert
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Reducer Insert
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Forged Insert
800 Incoloy® Alloy MSS SP-79 Inserts

Incoloy 800 Forged Boss

Incoloy 800 Boss
Incoloy Alloy 800H Boss
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Boss
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Boss
Alloy N08810 Boss
UNS N08811 Boss
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Forged Boss
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Boss
800 Incoloy® Alloy Welding Boss

Incoloy 800 Forged Street Elbows

Incoloy 800 Street Elbows
Incoloy Alloy 800H Street Elbow
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800 HT Street Elbows
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Street Elbows
UNS N08810 Street Elbow
Alloy N08811 Street Elbow
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Forged Street Elbow
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Street Elbow
800 Incoloy® Alloy Street Elbows

Incoloy 800 Forged Pipe Nipples

Incoloy 800 Pipe Nipple
Incoloy Alloy 800H Pipe Nipple
ASTM B564 Incoloy 800HT Screwed Pipe Nipple
ASME SB564 Incoloy® N08800 Threaded Pipe Nipple
Alloy N08810 Pipe Nipples
UNS N08811 Pipe Nipples
Nickel Alloy DIN 1.4876 Pipe Nipples
WERKSTOFF NR.1.4958 / 1.4859 Pipe Nipples
800 Incoloy® Alloy Hex Nipple

We Deliver Incoloy 800 / 800H / 800HT Forged Socket Weld Fittings all over the World

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